Save Money

On Your Electricity

Everyone wants to save money on their monthly expenses. Why not use one of the most easily available and secure ways available in Texas and other states where electricity providers are deregulated to pay less for your electricity?

In most of the Dallas area, Oncor is the guaranteed electricity provider and the company that owns your meter and connection. They provide your electricity regardless of the provider you choose to bill you for your electrical service. Why pay the high rates for the same product? Find the best, current rates for all available residential plans (not all plans are listed on the Power to Choose website).

On Your Real Estate Taxes

Patrick O'Connor and Associates, LP has been saving real estate owners money on their real estate taxes for years. The firm is located in Houston and assists home owners by disputing market valuations, on a case by case basis, with tax appraisal districts throughout the state. There are many firms that perform this type of service but I am not aware of many that do all of the analysis and appeal the market valuation with the county appraisal district on your behalf.

You fill out an annual property evaluation form, sign a notarized identification form, and wait for the results. It is as easy as that! Their fee is half of the tax savings plus they will contact you next year to see if you want them to protest for you again. You can contact them at:

O'Connor and Associates
2200 North Loop West
Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77018
(713) 290-9700
(713) 686-3255 fax