Do You Need A REALTOR?

So you and your family have just made a decision to buy a new home with a REALTOR® in the north Dallas suburbs. Great! Now what do you do?

If you have bought or sold a home before, you could contact your former REALTOR. maybe:

  • Your last transaction did not turn out as satisfying as you hoped and you would prefer to find a new agent,
  • The agent you used did not stay in contact with you after your last transaction and now you can’t locate him/her,
  • Your former agent got out of the business,
  • You heard from a friend that selling your house is easy and you can save all of that money that you "wasted" by paying a REALTOR in your last property sale,
  • Any number of other reasons why you can’t or won’t use your former agent.

So how do you go about finding a qualified REALTOR who you will want to work with through this new home purchase or sale? Or maybe you have thought about trying to purchase or sell your home on-your-own without an agent who is working for you.

Let’s face it, buying or selling a home is stressful, can be complicated, and puts a large amount of money at risk…you can’t afford to make a mistake. So what do you do? Where do you turn to get the help you need? We are going to discuss this topic in detail so that you can make an informed decision if you are in this situation. We will look at the processes involved in selling your home in Texas, who normally performs these tasks, and a layman's explanation of most processes. We will also examine the processes involved in purchasing a home in Texas.

What if your home has been listed for a long time and you just can't get any decent offers...or no offers?

There are many reasons that houses don't sell. Here are just a few:

  • Your house is overpriced,
  • your house is functionally obsolete,
  • the drive-up appeal is not good,
  • the interior is cluttered,
  • the interior colors are last year\'s designer eye candy,
  • the interior has not been updated in the last several years,
  • the carpet is stained, matted, or ugly, and
  • many more issues that you must consider when attempting to sell.

We will discuss these issues and several more that may be affecting your house's saleability.

You may need to sell your house quickly to pay for unanticipated expenses, lost your job, transferred to a new job out-of-the-area, death of the owner, divorce, etc.

In this situation the sooner the sale must happen, the larger the discount will be from market value. You can call the advertisers who run the "I Buy Houses, Any Location, Any Condition" ads in the local newspaper. There are alternatives to these investors who are looking for huge discounts. Most experienced real estate professionals are constantly looking for properties that can be bought for less than market value. Using a REALTOR who represents an investor/client may be a better alternative. We will discuss why.

Are you thinking about investing in real estate?

Most people have heard the late-night real estate gurus tell us how easy it is to make a fortune in real estate by:

  • investing in rental properties or
  • investing in houses that need rehabbed or
  • investing in houses whose current owner is in financial distress or
  • investing in foreclosed properties and
  • many other investment opportunities.

These gurus want you to believe that investing in real estate is so simple! They tell you that all you have to do is buy their books and tapes, study them, follow their program step-by-step, and you will be on your way to becoming the next real estate millionaire. Do these programs work? Sometimes, they do. Do they give you a complete guide to buying and selling real estate? What if you hire the REALTOR who helped you with your last home purchase or sale to find investment property?

After all, your REALTOR is supposed to be a real estate expert, right? Buying and selling investment property is very different than buying a home. Sure, the contracts and disclosure requirements are similar. Unfortunately, the process of evaluating the potential profitability of a real estate investment is not normally part of the home buying experience. We will discuss this in enough detail so you will feel comfortable with your decision to either go-it-alone or to seek the services of an experienced real estate investment advisor. We will also discuss how the process should work including the financial decisions that you must make before creating an offer on an investment property.

You may be thinking about getting out of the daily rat race, firing your boss, and buying a business of your own. Is that a smart decision?

Firing your corporate America boss can be a very liberating feeling but are you prepared for what will happen next? Hopefully, you have not left your job in corporate America prematurely unless, of course, leaving was not your chose.

Many of us have had a career change forced on us in the last few years. Do you have a well thought out plan for the next steps of your career change? Many people don\'t plan their career moves in much detail. I will give you my two-cents worth of advise and direction on the right way to make a career change as drastic as buying your own business and making that business work for you.