Planning the house seller move to a new home is time consuming but very important.

Your house seller's move could happen quickly or it could take a while. Unfortunately, you don't know when you will receive that magic offer that you will accept. You want to sell your house quickly, find the new home of your dreams, have plenty of notice that the perfect offer is coming from a flexible buyer, and have lots of time to close the deal and move.

This scenario only happens in the movies. Normally, your buyer shows up right after your house is put on the market or shows up several weeks after your house was listed. The buyers always want to move quickly or very slowly, never when you were planning to move. When your house is up for sale, you should always be prepared to move quickly or loose your buyer. We discussed finding your new home in another part of this site so we need to discuss how to move in a short amount of time.

  • First

    Pack up many of your belongings in moving boxes before you put your house on the market. Leave only those items that you will use while your house is on the market. This will make your house show better since there will be less clutter and it will get you prepared to move quickly. Where do you put these boxes?

    If you have a garage, put the packed boxes in there or in a spare bedroom. It is a good idea to keep your packed boxes together and not scattered all over the house since buyers need to imagine how their furniture will look in your house while they are evaluating the purchase. Having your boxes visible also sends the subtle message to your house\'s prospective buyers that you are ready to move and may be willing to negotiate that "win-win" deal. If storage space for your packed boxes is not available in your house, rent a small storage unit and store your boxes there until your house sale closes.

  • Second

    Make plans with a local mover to move the heavy and bulky items at a minimum, if you plan to move locally, or to move everything if you are moving out of the area. I would get bids from movers that are recommended by your family or friends so they at least know that you are planning to move soon. If you have to move quickly, it is best to have two or three movers to chose from since your first choice may be booked up on your desired moving day. Also, you will know approximately the cost of this part of your move ahead of time so you can adjust your plans to fit your moving budget.

  • Third

    Get commitments from more than enough family and friends to help you move the portion of your stuff that is not being moved by the professional movers. Plan a moving party that includes enough food and refreshments for the moving crew including the professional movers. If you are working with a REALTOR®, some REALTORs® will provide the food for your moving party as a closing gift. Get enough food for two meals if you have a lot of stuff to move. You will be glad that you did!

  • Last

    If your moving plan includes the use of a rented van or trailer, make sure that you know where you will have the best chance of finding the right size van for your move and the cost of the van. Most of the national franchises, i.e. Budget, Penske, U-Haul, etc. have most van sizes available with a few days advanced notice. You can typically reserve your van on the company's Web site so you don't have to get on the phone and manually search as in the past. If you reserve your van on the company's Web site, it is a good idea to confirm your reservation with the local franchise representative in advance.

To summarize, plan ahead and avoid 90% of the hassle and stress of your physical move. That remaining 10% will be stressful enough. built along the boundary. Another time to purchase this optional coverage is when you are buying a patio home where the home is built on one of the property boundaries.